4TT Has More Pot Parodies and This Time …


It appears 4TT’s Grease Parody is catching static and has been removed from YouTube due to pesky copyright infringement, or some shit. Even though Grease, the original movie, sucks, its horse shit being forced too take the production down. Hopefully 4TT’s attorneys sort everything out and the video is allowed to be re-uploaded.

That minor set back hasn’t slowed 4TT in their pot parodies. Far from. Today I found their first two episodes of their Back to the Future parodies. Back to the Future has to be one the best trilogies of all time. Epic Huey Lewis songs, aluminum cars, time travel but no weed. Hell, there was barely any drinking. That all changes with 4tt’s Back to the Future Parodies.

The videos are about two stoners, scoring time traveling inducing weed, haven’t seen anyone mention that shit in the forums, and going back-in-time to start fixing some wrongs. At one point medieval sluts were mentioned which should included a clip instead of two cave men running from T-Rez. After a bunch of shenanigans their lives are turned upside down and madness ensues.

Since two episodes were released last month, its probably pretty safe to say the 3rd is on the way.

Blaze to the Future Part 1

Blaze to the Future Part 2

October 9, 2014 |

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