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A Sexual Weed (Marijuana) Lubricant


Yesterday, while cruising the interwebs, I came across a article titled A Marijuana Lubricant That Gives You a 15-Minute Climax. Catchy title. For sure. Did I read it. You betcha!

Who has the willpower to overlook an article claiming the 15 minute orgasm. Ladies? Could you over look it. Well it wasn’t the length of orgasm that intrigued me yet the substance, Marijuana, the weed, ganja, that’s the primary source for such pleasure. Wonder if my lady would be interested in Foria?

Here is an excerpt from the article: (more…)

August 1, 2014 |

The Washington Real Estate Attorney on I-502


The Washington Association of REALTORS has a published a YouTube video for Washington real estate brokers concerning I-502. Annie Fitzsimmons, the Washington Association of REALTORS attorney, has a message regarding how a real estate broker should ‘think’ about assisting I-502 orientated clients.

In the video, Annie goes on to discuss the implications since selling weed is illegal on the Federal level. However, we all know the FED will not arrest business owners, buyers, and sellers as long as they’re compliant with Sate law. Your real estate agent may not be so lucky.

Real estate brokers licensed under a brokerage may have different obligations or constraints from their designated broker which may prohibit working with I-502. Our discussion with a Marysville broker hasn’t seen it come up because brokers are eager to get in the game. (more…)

July 31, 2014 |

Tech Upgrades In the Pipe


The planning department has been busy developing the next set of up grades to To be cutting edge, and many sites like ours are, consumers need to easily connect with businesses and vise versa. Websites have nible, mobile friendly, and not a chore to navigation on handheld devices. I tend to use a computer a lot of the times but that is just me.

The biggest website change is a Google Map directory where all businesses will be listed. Finding recreational companies is the goal, right now there are very few out there, because who likes to be out of fucking weed? We don’t. Being out blows and having GPS tell you where the weed is a bitchen idea. (more…)

July 30, 2014 |

Have You Ever Used a Volcano Vaporizer? 5 Review Videos


Have you heard of a volcano vaporizer? I had in songs and movies but didn’t really know what one was. I’ve smoked for many years; knifers, bongs, steamrollers, metal and glass pipes, bubblers, j’s, opo cans, basic vaporizers but not to long ago I tried out a volcano. It was like watching a sci-fi film with a spaceship and a big balloon – Sortof a paradox if you follow ufo conspiracies.

It was a bit overwhelming at first. Watching the balloon fill up knowing I had to put it down. However, it wasn’t much different than a bong. I totally overdid it as the amount inhaled is deceiving. Hacking and choking I manned up and road it out. Pretty cool way to smoke but I prefer something less complex than a machine. (more…)

June 13, 2014 |

Should Washington Cities Ban Recreational Weed Shops?


Some cities have moved to ban recreational weed shops which flies in the face of Washington State law and I-502 but isn’t that the same thing the State is doing to Federal law? Also looking at alcohol there are still dry cities within Washington State so isn’t that the same thing?

Like the State’s vote, I think cities should have the right too allow a vote as well to be a smokeless city. It seems only American, the right to vote. I know folks that are against the recreational use of marijuana yet find it totally alright to use alcohol due to their own morality. I know folks who are against alcohol and not marijuana who site domestic violence cases to make their point. There are people who are against low gas mileage automobiles and favor electric or hybrid vehicles. I really don’t see the difference as both are legal and people have choices.

June 9, 2014 |

Marijuana vs Crystal Meth Video


What are the facts? Marijuana vs Crystal Meth go head to head in all out debate. In this video from theREALdrugfacts, Meth tries to convince weed that it should be legal.

That doesn’t seem strange. I see meth houses all day long and they seem like safe, happy, and vibrant places to hang and enjoy deep conversation – at 100 miles an hour. (more…)

April 23, 2014 |

Happy 420 Washingtonians! Have a Great Day


For many Washingtonians 420 is the holy grail of weed smoking. It’s a time celebrate our collective acceptance for the green stuff. 420 was that day we looked forward to because, like the legend, it was surrounded by a aura of coolness, doing something off limits, and time fellow stoners rejoiced that one day marijuana would be legal. I know many people who still celebrate Jimi Hendrix’s legacy by toking it up on 420.

For me, high school days, us buddies used to get together, match bowls, and hack until we couldn’t see any more. Most of our folks didn’t approve but they didn’t know either. 420 became the call sign for getting stoned. “hey bro, its 420”. “Cool”. We’d roll to a buddy’s house, meet up at a park, one of our many party pits, and/or down at the river to get faded. (more…)

April 20, 2014 |

How much Weed can a Washington Recreational Grower Grow?


Many weed growers probably have mega aspirations of the ideal 40 acre marijuana farm producing metric tons of recreational marijuana, year round production facilities, and diverse weed strains accommodating any type of smoker.

The Marijuana Business Daily published an article, Inventory, Operations at Stake Under Washington Cultivation Limits, that points to recreational weed shortages under the current tiered growing system. Why? Because under the three tiered system demand will simply out pace legal growers ability to Washington’s blooming weed industry.

February 27, 2014 |

Recreational Marijuana Real Estate & Leasing Dilemma


One of the biggest problems facing the recreational marijuana industry is the availability of retail real estate space. Recently I spoke with a person looking to lease space in the greater Snohomish County area. After talking to some real estate brokers two location seemed ideal.

Located in Lynnwood, the two retail spaces fit the basic criteria of square footage, location, near other businesses, and leasing rate. However, the property owner didn’t want to lease to a recreational marijuana business. (more…)

January 24, 2014 |
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