Bob Marley is Introducing Marley Natural Fine Cannabis


Bob Marley has always been a source of inspiration through his music and his message of support for the legalization of marijuana as well as its many other benefits. That is why we’re happy to see that Bob Marley is still doing good long after his passing. Published yesterday, November 18, 2014, on YouTube and with nearly 90k views, the video titled Introducing: Marley Natural Fine Cannabis is worth watching.

All 1 minute and 18 seconds is about Marley’s vision of a World united by love and the realization that cannabis has many benefits. According to the website,, the plan is too:

True to his ideals, we will cultivate fine cannabis, blend infused topicals, and craft accessories that celebrate life, awaken well being and nurture a positive connection with the world.

Growing up on Bob Marley’s music was more so that than something to do, it was what you did. The sounds that stem from his music still reverberate through playlists around the world. I for one, believe the world would be a better place if more people listened to his music.

What would you do if Marley came out with a weed strain / brand? If you ask us, we’d smoke it. Smoke a lot of and listen to Bob Markley’s entire collection while sitting on a beach somewhere.

November 19, 2014 |

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