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Bob Marley is Introducing Marley Natural Fine Cannabis


Bob Marley has always been a source of inspiration through his music and his message of support for the legalization of marijuana as well as its many other benefits. That is why we’re happy to see that Bob Marley is still doing good long after his passing. Published yesterday, November 18, 2014, on YouTube and with nearly 90k views, the video titled Introducing: Marley Natural Fine Cannabis is worth watching.

November 19, 2014 |

A New Crop of Entrepreneurs


In the below video, The National gives a break down on i-502 issues facing Washington growers. However, since June 2014 things have changed, allthough slowly. I for one love the change, though slow, in Washington’s law system and look forward to many more positive changes here in progressive Washington.

November 13, 2014 |

Folks Worried About Weed Candy didn’t Think About Meth


Sadly, Halloween has come and gone yet the holiday lead up had news outlets reporting people should watch-out for edibles. You know, weed candy and such because it looks just like normal candy. The nightly news consistently aired cautionary messages but doubt the risk was all that high. Why?

  1. Under I-502, weed costs to much to give it away.
  2. Stoners don’t share weed with people they don’t know.

Consider this:

November 5, 2014 |

“Fuck It” Alaska Cannabis Club Owner Quits on Air


The video below, reporter quits on-air and reveals herself as a cannabis club owner, is going viral with over 7 million views in one day. Yes, one day. Publsihed September 22nd the has a ‘Holy Shit’ amount of traction.

Reporter Charlo Greene, with KTVA, quits on on air by announcing herself as the Alaska Cannabis Club Owner and says she is in full support of the legalization of marijuana – naturally. Then Greene follows up with a good ol fashioned “fuck it” and walks off camera.

Good for Greene. I’ve watched over and over but the follow up reporter stumbles. Who wouldn’t stumble with a surprise of ‘Fuck It’ on air? I bet KTVA is on some sort of damage control with all the innocent ears being hurt but a word that is commonplace – not well received word but commonplace nonetheless.

September 23, 2014 |

Leafly Published their State of the Leaf Infographic


Leafly, one of our favorite websites because their science, published its State of the Leaf Infographic and I have to stay the graphic is pretty informative – those folks really do their homework. With the nation moving towards a nationally legalized marijuana industry, like alcohol is, the numbers of States allow recreational marijuana sales will rise and the total no. of dispensaries will grow.

State of the Leaf Highlights

  • Washington Ranks 3rd in the number of open locations with 280: Other States are following Colorado and Washington’s lead and it shows with the largest concentration of pro-marijuana States be on the westcoast.
  • Denver, CO has the most dispensaries for an area code
  • Santa Ana, CA has the most dispensaries per zip
  • On average, 45 people visit a dispensary per day: That is steady stream of customers per day which amounts too 315 visitors per week, 9,450 visitors per month, and 113,400 visitors per year. That’s a lot of customers.
  • 5pm is the busiest time of day: Coincides with quitting time and makes sense since most dispensaries open around 10am.
  • Busiest day is Friday with Monday being the slowest: Friday is pay day, the start of the weekend, and a universal day for cutting loose. No explanation needed for Monday. Monday are only made cool because of Monday Night Football.
  • Highest traffic day: 4/20, 4th of July, and Friday before Thanksgiving: The date 4/20 and Jimi Hendrix’s birthday are two great reasons to get stoned, 4th of July is good fun holiday usually set in some tyoe of party atmosphere, and Thanksgiving because of the fricken munchies – nom nom nom. Who doesn’t like to pig out during the holiday?
  • 16 different strains: I find the many strain names to be a distraction from what I value in good dope. But that is just me.
  • Most stocked strains are Blue Dream, Sour Diesel, and Bubba Kush: I like Blue Dream, don’t care for Sour Deisel, and never had Bubba Kush, which may have to change.

A couple of statistics I’d like to see are: the yes / no votes in recreational states, states with the highest consumption, and which States are ‘most’ likely to pass / fail recreational marijuana laws. But without further ado here is Leafly’s State of the Leaf. (more…)

September 18, 2014 |

Recreational Weed is Hard to Find in Washington


recreational-weed-is-hard-to-findYears ago, way back in the 90s, we used to have a saying “Where da weed at?” usually followed by a “home squeeze” when meeting up with friends.

In those days there were no cell phones, we used pagers, and definitely didn’t have access to websites selling weed to teenagers. Heck none of us knew how to use the internet or computers for that matter. A person had to know someone, your friend had to know someone, and hopefully you became friends with that someone so locating became easier.

A lot of time and effort was put into searching for weed. Now with I-502 all those worries seemed to be a thing of the past or so we hoped.

In a recrent article published by titled Seattleites: Good Luck Finding Legal Pot To Buy, Amy Radil talks to Hempfest CEO John Davis about the lottery system which awarded business licenses, Greenside Medical’s (a Bellevue based store) owner dealing with positive demand and a supply shortage, and owner of Green Buddha Patient Co-op who is contemplating closing her doors. (more…)

August 6, 2014 |

The Washington Real Estate Attorney on I-502


The Washington Association of REALTORS has a published a YouTube video for Washington real estate brokers concerning I-502. Annie Fitzsimmons, the Washington Association of REALTORS attorney, has a message regarding how a real estate broker should ‘think’ about assisting I-502 orientated clients.

In the video, Annie goes on to discuss the implications since selling weed is illegal on the Federal level. However, we all know the FED will not arrest business owners, buyers, and sellers as long as they’re compliant with Sate law. Your real estate agent may not be so lucky.

Real estate brokers licensed under a brokerage may have different obligations or constraints from their designated broker which may prohibit working with I-502. Our discussion with a Marysville broker hasn’t seen it come up because brokers are eager to get in the game. (more…)

July 31, 2014 |

Should Washington Cities Ban Recreational Weed Shops?


Some cities have moved to ban recreational weed shops which flies in the face of Washington State law and I-502 but isn’t that the same thing the State is doing to Federal law? Also looking at alcohol there are still dry cities within Washington State so isn’t that the same thing?

Like the State’s vote, I think cities should have the right too allow a vote as well to be a smokeless city. It seems only American, the right to vote. I know folks that are against the recreational use of marijuana yet find it totally alright to use alcohol due to their own morality. I know folks who are against alcohol and not marijuana who site domestic violence cases to make their point. There are people who are against low gas mileage automobiles and favor electric or hybrid vehicles. I really don’t see the difference as both are legal and people have choices.

June 9, 2014 |
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