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Happy 420 Washingtonians! Have a Great Day


For many Washingtonians 420 is the holy grail of weed smoking. It’s a time celebrate our collective acceptance for the green stuff. 420 was that day we looked forward to because, like the legend, it was surrounded by a aura of coolness, doing something off limits, and time fellow stoners rejoiced that one day marijuana would be legal. I know many people who still celebrate Jimi Hendrix’s legacy by toking it up on 420.

For me, high school days, us buddies used to get together, match bowls, and hack until we couldn’t see any more. Most of our folks didn’t approve but they didn’t know either. 420 became the call sign for getting stoned. “hey bro, its 420”. “Cool”. We’d roll to a buddy’s house, meet up at a park, one of our many party pits, and/or down at the river to get faded. (more…)

April 20, 2014 |
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