Folks Worried About Weed Candy didn’t Think About Meth


Sadly, Halloween has come and gone yet the holiday lead up had news outlets reporting people should watch-out for edibles. You know, weed candy and such because it looks just like normal candy. The nightly news consistently aired cautionary messages but doubt the risk was all that high. Why?

  1. Under I-502, weed costs to much to give it away.
  2. Stoners don’t share weed with people they don’t know.

Consider this:

Recreational shops are selling 2g, of good weed, for $60. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know if you’re turning weed into candy it will costs more than any humor related reward. All that for a laugh? I don’t think so.

Also, there are the rules of conduct and GrasscityForum user, ChronTonLicious, posted:

Rule Number Yellow: Hey dont push anyone to smoke pot with you. It’s cool to offer weed to your new neighbor, but if they refuse, back off. In other words don’t do this. “Hey, Mr. Johnson, this is your new neighbor. You’re about to smoke pot wether you want it or not. So get over here and suck on my bong!” Don’t do that. It’s pushers that make marijuana illegal. And politics. And Laws. Mostly laws. [SOURCE]

Then today I read a headline Dad finds meth in daughter’s Halloween candy. Sounds suspect to me. You know how important meth is to an addict? If you don’t, clearly you never met a meth-head. The Facebook comments are memorable:

My favorites are:

So mom found dad with it. Dad said it was in the candy. BS

Trick or tweak.

And here this whole time they were worried about marijuana candies! Smh!!

Not funny. But it does make all the inane fear mongering about pot edibles being handed out look really foolish.

I call BS! Druggies don’t give drugs away. Daddy might have some explaining to do…

Despite the humor I find in Q13’s article, because I feel its bogus, giving drugs or alcohol to children is despicable but we were all kids once, and kids can be stupid. Hopefully nobody was hurt and no one smoked or ingested the meth.

November 5, 2014 |

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