Happy 420 Washingtonians! Have a Great Day


For many Washingtonians 420 is the holy grail of weed smoking. It’s a time celebrate our collective acceptance for the green stuff. 420 was that day we looked forward to because, like the legend, it was surrounded by a aura of coolness, doing something off limits, and time fellow stoners rejoiced that one day marijuana would be legal. I know many people who still celebrate Jimi Hendrix’s legacy by toking it up on 420.

For me, high school days, us buddies used to get together, match bowls, and hack until we couldn’t see any more. Most of our folks didn’t approve but they didn’t know either. 420 became the call sign for getting stoned. “hey bro, its 420”. “Cool”. We’d roll to a buddy’s house, meet up at a park, one of our many party pits, and/or down at the river to get faded.

Like the video mentions, 420 came from the time in which the Waldos would meet up and get roasted, and we were no different. 4:20 was the universal time that it always seemed to be when we were about to start, were in the middle of, or we just finished smoking.

This year 420 falls on Easter. Hide the candy because the stoners will be on the loose. What will I be doing? Mostly hanging out with family, cooking tons of food (specially ribs), having some drinks, and hoping the weather clears enough to be outside. Oh yea, hitting some smoke in a small celebration unlike years past when it was bowls for days.

Crusing around the web there is a 420 Egg Hunt host by Mr. Nice Guy. Watching a bunch of adults looking for eggs, prizes, while baked out of their minds sounds like some good entertainment.

The examiner has an article titled 10 reasons Easter and 420 should share a calendar date every year. Here is the brief version:

  1. Jesus was the original hippie.
  2. Easter Egg hunts are fun again.
  3. Both holidays have been co-opted by big chocolate.
  4. Both days are packed with nonsense.
  5. Stoned or at Church, we all love food.
  6. Both celebrations are motivation to get outside.
  7. The more joy we can dump on 420, the less people will remind me that April 20 was also Hitler’s birthday.
  8. Score some points for Jesus, or engage in some rousing debate.
  9. Spending time with your family can be fun.
  10. Both days celebrate gifts from God.

Jesus was totally a hippie. The long hair and fraternizing with the homeless and sick. I’ve never met any woman who didn’t like chocolate or any guy who didn’t enjoy food. Forget #7. Family can be fun on 420 because who has heard of family getting into a huge fight because they smoked to much. LOL.

Here is a great picture found at 420 Smokers Blog.


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