Have You Ever Used a Volcano Vaporizer? 5 Review Videos


Have you heard of a volcano vaporizer? I had in songs and movies but didn’t really know what one was. I’ve smoked for many years; knifers, bongs, steamrollers, metal and glass pipes, bubblers, j’s, opo cans, basic vaporizers but not to long ago I tried out a volcano. It was like watching a sci-fi film with a spaceship and a big balloon – Sortof a paradox if you follow ufo conspiracies.

It was a bit overwhelming at first. Watching the balloon fill up knowing I had to put it down. However, it wasn’t much different than a bong. I totally overdid it as the amount inhaled is deceiving. Hacking and choking I manned up and road it out. Pretty cool way to smoke but I prefer something less complex than a machine.

The Daily Beast posted an article titled How Rich People Smoke Pot. One quote is “The Volcano is affectionately known as the “Mercedes Benz” of toking up” and if its like a Mercedes then I smoke out of Volkswagon bus that’s seen better days.

Even in the Mackelmore parody video Pot Shop by Steve Berke the volcano is referenced. Seems to be popular but in the circles I didn’t see it much. We typically had a cheap metal pipe or pop can.

Volcano Vaporizer Videos

Here is a video of the volcano inflating.

Stoner Steve has a volcano review.

Comparison between the silver surfer and a volcano.

Another volcano vaporizer review.

Volcano vaporizer medical marijuana colorado blast off heads

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