How to Get More Advertising for a I-502 Business?


Are you a I-502 business? Do you sell marijuana, marijuana smoking and vaporizing devices, joints, blunts, gram bags, large scale quantity, or looking for more exposure for an alternative marijuana business? If so, we can help. Here at, we believe in helping others grow their business and this industry. Its the sole reasoning why we’re a 100% free advertising website and if you’re looking to answer: How do I get more advertising and exposure for a I-502 business now that weed is legal in Washington State? Then continue reading

Step 1: Create an Account

Setting up an account takes just a few moments. Start by clicking the Register link and choose a username, enter an email address, and choose a password, and answer the ‘are you human’ spam question. Boom. You’re all done.


Step 2: Create a Listing

Being a bit more in-depth than registering yet the same familiar steps. Click the Create Listing link or Add a business now button (also, users can create as many business listings as they want). Fill out business’s name, address and click ‘find on map’ (don’t forget that), select which city the business resides in, add phone number, website address, social media accounts, and upload a few pictures.


Step 3: Click Next Step

We do review each listing and try to be as prompt as possible. It is rare for a listing to be returned but if it is we’ll give you suggestions to improve the listing. We want every business to have an equal shot at exposure.


Step 4: Request Reviews

In our ranking system, reviews are taken into account. On each city page there is map showing the business within that city. The more reviews, the higher the ranking. Reviews also help potential buyers find the right store and other reputable stores in areas they may not be familiar with.


Step 5: Introduce Yourself

Click over to the forums and post a hello to the community. We love to hear from you, meet other business owners, and share ideas with like minded folks. The forum is always growing with topics and threads so get involved and start connecting with others.


These 5 steps are all it takes to increase your business’s success in 2015. Any questions shoot us an email or leave a comment.

Happy 2015 from

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