Recreational Weed is Hard to Find in Washington


recreational-weed-is-hard-to-findYears ago, way back in the 90s, we used to have a saying “Where da weed at?” usually followed by a “home squeeze” when meeting up with friends.

In those days there were no cell phones, we used pagers, and definitely didn’t have access to websites selling weed to teenagers. Heck none of us knew how to use the internet or computers for that matter. A person had to know someone, your friend had to know someone, and hopefully you became friends with that someone so locating became easier.

A lot of time and effort was put into searching for weed. Now with I-502 all those worries seemed to be a thing of the past or so we hoped.

In a recrent article published by titled Seattleites: Good Luck Finding Legal Pot To Buy, Amy Radil talks to Hempfest CEO John Davis about the lottery system which awarded business licenses, Greenside Medical’s (a Bellevue based store) owner dealing with positive demand and a supply shortage, and owner of Green Buddha Patient Co-op who is contemplating closing her doors.

With no supply, in the recreational weed world and limited licenses to grow, the first summer’s sales are not looking promising for store owners. However, what is now being called the grey market, buying weed from non-state licensed growers and sales folks, will more than likely see no decline in demand or sales – actually demand and sales may see a significant increase.


Because, more people who didn’t choose to smoke due to legalities may find it okay to buy from non-state licensed folks because there is no penalty for possessing or smoking weed.

Sharing the same point of view as John Davis, Hempfest CEO, in regards to Washington’s license lottery, the recreational consumer would be better served if experience funders were in the mix. The grey market would further fade away as legitimate business, who operate a good business, take their place.

Here at, from watching website’s analytics, know that recreational demand is strong. Even emails coming in inquire where to purchase since they’ll be vacationing in Washington.

Please jump into the forums and share you experience – view thread.

August 6, 2014 |

2 thoughts on “Recreational Weed is Hard to Find in Washington

  1. Rick Reimers says:

    Things are finally falling into place, Mine was one of the stores licensed first (Under a different name than today but that is a whole other story to be determined in Federal Court). I have now found a processor who I hope will be able to supply me permanently. Currently I have 5 strains with two more and Kief coming next week and 7 more to choose from after that. I am selling for $20g and have $11 joints in all the flavors. As the other processors come on line with product, all of us will be able to set up lasting relationships with our suppliers. So wish us all well and look forward to things only getting better very soon.

  2. 2nd Smoker says:

    Hi Rick. That is great to hear and what is your store name? Also, I’d love to come check it out if it is nearby. You can list it for free on the site by going to the create listing page and upload some pictures as we’d love to see what you have in stock. Also, pictures and posts are welcome in the forum.

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