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Should Washington Cities Ban Recreational Weed Shops?


Some cities have moved to ban recreational weed shops which flies in the face of Washington State law and I-502 but isn’t that the same thing the State is doing to Federal law? Also looking at alcohol there are still dry cities within Washington State so isn’t that the same thing?

Like the State’s vote, I think cities should have the right too allow a vote as well to be a smokeless city. It seems only American, the right to vote. I know folks that are against the recreational use of marijuana yet find it totally alright to use alcohol due to their own morality. I know folks who are against alcohol and not marijuana who site domestic violence cases to make their point. There are people who are against low gas mileage automobiles and favor electric or hybrid vehicles. I really don’t see the difference as both are legal and people have choices.

June 9, 2014 |
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