Tech Upgrades In the Pipe


The planning department has been busy developing the next set of up grades to To be cutting edge, and many sites like ours are, consumers need to easily connect with businesses and vise versa. Websites have nible, mobile friendly, and not a chore to navigation on handheld devices. I tend to use a computer a lot of the times but that is just me.

The biggest website change is a Google Map directory where all businesses will be listed. Finding recreational companies is the goal, right now there are very few out there, because who likes to be out of fucking weed? We don’t. Being out blows and having GPS tell you where the weed is a bitchen idea.

In the planning meetings, there has been dicey discussion of the map’s placement, pros & cons for its placement, and how to best implement the map. The two emerging places for placement are the homepage, so its readily visible upon visiting but it increases the site’s load time, or on its own stand-along page like, which requires an extra user click yet keeps site load time down. Still hashing this out.

Keeping the fire on design, the forums CSS will be formatted to make forum titles, categories, and tags to increase the user experience. Right now we are not happy with the appearance. Stupid CSS. Our design department is going to be making the forums nice and aesthetically pleasing to look at, which makes me happy.

Testing has been another area of weighted discussion. The website needs lots and lots of testing. Just like good weed needs testing. Some feed back received is showing there are small bugs through the site. Bugs suck, whether they’re in a website or growing on plat. Fuck you bugs. The testing won’t affect the site’s operation nor will the site be shutdown as to hinder usage. Feel free to shoot us an email if you’re experiencing challenges.

All in all we feel these update will create a better user experience for all. Until then, happy smoking!

July 30, 2014 |

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