The Washington Real Estate Attorney on I-502


The Washington Association of REALTORS has a published a YouTube video for Washington real estate brokers concerning I-502. Annie Fitzsimmons, the Washington Association of REALTORS attorney, has a message regarding how a real estate broker should ‘think’ about assisting I-502 orientated clients.

In the video, Annie goes on to discuss the implications since selling weed is illegal on the Federal level. However, we all know the FED will not arrest business owners, buyers, and sellers as long as they’re compliant with Sate law. Your real estate agent may not be so lucky.

Real estate brokers licensed under a brokerage may have different obligations or constraints from their designated broker which may prohibit working with I-502. Our discussion with a Marysville broker hasn’t seen it come up because brokers are eager to get in the game.

If you’re looking to purchase, or lease, for a retail business and distribute recreational marijuana then ask your broker what to be concerned about; proximity to schools, local business laws (some cities are trying to block recreational outlets), compliance, and anything else.

Also, it should be noted to consult an attorney of you own. Since its all legal beagle the act accordingly. The ramifications of doing something wrong far out-weight the attorney costs. Operate inside the lines as we have come so far in passing I-502.

July 31, 2014 |

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