Why is Weed Becoming Legal Across the United States?


Gizmodo published The Real Reason So Many States Are Legalizing Cannabis in One Chart. The reasoning is simple; the all mighty dollar. Doesn’t take years of business school to know marijuana is a homerun. There is more to chart than Gizmodo’s post but not much. The original is from Information is Beautiful.


What didn’t make it into the chart is tax revenue generated from marijuana. In a follow up chart, Information is Beautiful shows a tax revenue comparison for marijuana, alcohol and tobacco and fuel in Colorado. If our State’s tax revenues are close to Colorado’s, then Washington should seem similar tax revuene figures from recreational and medical marijuana sales.


Cur the 2Pac parody “it ain’t no funuunnn if Uncle Sam can’t haavve none”.

We all know and knew marijuana was big business prior i-502 and there is no reason to doubt that will change.

November 11, 2014 |

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