Will Washington State become a Weed Tourism HotSpot?


I-502 has changed many things about Washington State and what was once illegal is now socially acceptable. The prohibition has ended and now marijuana can be purchased not different than beer or cigarettes, assuming the purchaser is over 21. I’ve found a few good places in my local and can’t wait to venture out to other cities to shop inventory.

That leads to the newly budding industry of weed tourism.

Weed tourism is when people visit an area to purchase and legally smoke marijuana.

The tourism business is fairly large in Washington State despite the perception that its always raining here. I know many folks who have relocated to Washington State because there is so much outdoor activities; boating, canoeing, sport fishing, water and snow skiing, snowboarding hunting, flying, island hoping, road tripping, photography, hiking and so on. Activities are endless and fueled by companies like REI and Starbucks, who knows what the next day will bring.

But back to weed tourism.

There has been a lot of speculation, and hope, that people will flock to Washington State to buy and smoke weed. Why not? Weed is legal, the area is awesome, and pot shops are opening all over the State. Also, its dam exciting to have a a business sector than other States are now scrambling to participate in and here at WashingtonWeedSales.com we think weed tourism is two fold:

2 States & 1 Country Bordering Washington

For people living on Washington’s boarders (Idaho, Oregon, and British Columbia) it is easy to cross the border into Vancouver, Bellingham, and Spokane areas and score some dank.

I remember, back-in-the-day, driving up to Vancouver BC to party and drink since drinking was legal at 19. We spent plenty of money in Canada just clubbing, finding some holes-in-the-wall gin joints, and looking for ladies and weed tourism is no different. I don’t have a scientific study to back up this claim but experience has shown that kids will be kids.

Vacation Destinations May Be Changed

Folks who originally may not consider Washington may think twice since the legalization of marijuana. With a low key atmosphere, a beautiful setting that’s beyond imagine (could be a personal bias there), and flights in and out from virtually any place in the world, Washington may move to vacationer’s top spot because people can enjoy their weed without of fear of prosecution. Like Amsterdam, Washington could see the influx of world travelers anxiously waiting to visit dispensaries and taste local flavors.

To Sum it All Up

While it may take awhile before Washington State sees a sizable increase in tourism, it is not hard to imagine that the next 5 years there could be a whole new industry that is an acceptable norm.

Companies like [insert private tourism for weed companies here and link to them] are already jumping in and offering tours of local head and pot shops. Being a local it seems fun to do as there is so much I still don’t know and for people with the big bucks, why not.

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