Should Washington Cities Ban Recreational Weed Shops?


Some cities have moved to ban recreational weed shops which flies in the face of Washington State law and I-502 but isn’t that the same thing the State is doing to Federal law? Also looking at alcohol there are still dry cities within Washington State so isn’t that the same thing?

Like the State’s vote, I think cities should have the right too allow a vote as well to be a smokeless city. It seems only American, the right to vote. I know folks that are against the recreational use of marijuana yet find it totally alright to use alcohol due to their own morality. I know folks who are against alcohol and not marijuana who site domestic violence cases to make their point. There are people who are against low gas mileage automobiles and favor electric or hybrid vehicles. I really don’t see the difference as both are legal and people have choices.

Here at we are definitely pro recreational weed use and make no bones about it – This site is dedicated to the recreational smoker and finding good weed.

Here is legalese speak on the topic from

Under Washington law, there is a strong presumption against finding that state law preempts local ordinances. Although Initiative 502 establishes a licensing and regulatory system for marijuana producers, processors, and retailers in Washington State, it includes no clear indication that it was intended to preempt local authority to regulate such businesses. We therefore conclude that I-502 left in place the normal powers of local governments to regulate within their jurisdictions.

The article’s author goes onto say:

Another player in this issue is the state legislature: a house bill (HB 2322) has been introduced that would prohibit local governments from “taking actions preventing or impeding the creation or operation of commercial marijuana businesses licensed by the liquor control board.” In other words, local governments would be prohibited from prohibiting recreational marijuana uses within their borders, or regulating them in a way that would make impractical or impossible to establish such businesses. If that bill passes, it would effectively negate this attorney general’s opinion.

So, we need to get used to the fact that our recreational marijuana laws are subject to interpretation and will undoubtedly be amended over the next few years. I-502 merely started the process of moving to a regulated and taxed market for recreational marijuana.

Whether cities decide to ban or allow, the fight on both sides will more likely continue.

June 9, 2014 |

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